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Ar. Anuj Bhajanka

I am very proud of my GCA days and pleased that I had the opportunity to earn my B. Arch degree at Guwahati College of Architecture and Planning.

The 5 year period it took me to complete the requirements for the Bachelors of Architecture degree was an exceptionally fine educational experience. The competency and the professionalism of the professors were nothing less than outstanding. When I joined GCAP in 2006, I was no more than a high school pass out with high dreams and little knowledge as how to achieve it, but GCAP transformed my “Words to Action” and guided me along for 5 years in accumulating the knowledge and the leadership qualities required to become a successful Architect.

I am currently the Principal Architect of my firm styled as “Bhajanka Associates” and lead an office of 14 qualified people. We are working on projects ranging from apartments, warehouse, commercial establishment, hotels, hospital and many more. We are working with most of the reputed builders of North-East to formulate and bring in a new level of “Luxury Living Standards”. On a daily basis, I apply various aspects of theory and use techniques that I learned during my time at Guwahati College Architecture and Planning to fulfill my Architectural responsibilities.

I wholeheartedly endorse Guwahati College of Architecture and Planning for what it stands.

Kirtikamal Dutta

It has been a great experience since the time I joined Guwahati College of Architecture and Planning. From my childhood days, I was always attracted to buildings, while visiting cities and saw tall buildings and always wanted to know how they're constructed. Later on I came to know about architecture and GCAP in Guwahati. So how could I resist myself from taking admission in this college that too in Guwahati? I joined GCAP in the year 2014 to study my dream courseWe shifted to our new campus in Azara during our 2nd semester. Watching the college, change itself from a college in the midst of a busy city to the college which is in the outskirts of the city was very interesting. The people near the new campus have also become familiar and friendly with us.

Studying here, I would like to say that the opportunities that we get to see new places, meet architects and attend various workshops, etc. are very rare compared to other colleges of architecture. The knowledge and support that we get from our teachers cannot be found elsewhere.

Architecture cannot be learnt by just sitting and studying in our rooms. Sightseeing and visiting architectural places is equally necessary. We have case studies per semester and documentation too. Our batch visited some of the best places of Indian states like Kolkata, New Delhi, Lucknow, etc. We participate in Zonasa each year, which is an annual competition of architecture colleges of a particular zone in India. In our third year we also attended Annual NASA, which is a national level competition and get together of architects. Our college has a library which is the biggest architectural library of Northeast India. I have learnt a lot of things from this library. Other than studies we also have recreational activities like sports week and our college fest Exurbia which is held every year.

I wish to thank all our teachers for giving their 100% to build us and enable us to grow to be better architects and citizens in the process.

Ar. Kritika Mohan

Learning is a never ending process. There is no definite age for the end of learning something new. We build ourselves both physically and mentally through education.

Being an ex-student of GCAP, it taught me that whatever good things we build, end up building us. GCAP is the root of my knowledge and achievement what I have received till now. The college holds a lot of memories. Those submissions, presentations, group works…that are hard to forget. GCAP taught me a lot not only through the academic field but also through other curricular activities. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers, batch mates, seniors and juniors who supported me through my journey. Their blessings and support is the reason for what I am today. Every single moment spent at GCAP remains a golden moment for me as they taught me lessons of life. Those moments spent at GCAP will always be uncountable and unforgettable.

Thank you.

Divyanshu Agarwalla

I am Divyanshu Agarwalla, a 5th year B.Arch student pursuing architecture from Guwahati College of Architecture and Planning (GCAP). 

My four and a half years of college life in GCAP has been a journey full of new experiences and with each chapter learning something more about the field, people, and life as a whole. 

I will always cherish the period of time spent in college till the end of days.From learning how to hold a t-scale and setting up set squares to drafting flawlessly in AutoCAD, the college and every individual whether it be the faculties, the seniors, the batch mates or the juniors has had a memorable impact on my learning and adaptability of the phenomenon’s.

This college not only makes your understanding of architecture better, but also understanding of your surroundings tend to become clearer.

With many bonds being made in due time in college, meeting new people, attending workshops and seminars held in or outside college, it was an overall experience I hope everyone should have.

Extracurricular activities likeExurbia, sports week, fresher’s and farewell parties, Zonasa’s and Nasa, where the college spirit and team work come together has a distinctive display.

Lastly, I would like to say that it was a treat and a great privilege to be a part of this institution and to re-live these moments again will be a choice I would undoubtedly make.

Best wishes to the students and Management .

Arjun Mukherjee

I joined GCA on 5th August 2014 with a grand Orientation Program. The college was quite interesting from the very first day. Quickly, I got acquainted with the atmosphere of the college and made some of my best friends here. They were very friendly from the very first day. The teachers are amazing and during my first year we hadorganized Teachers' Day on the 5th of September which was a grand success.

We had a very nice & impressive Fresher’s party where we were officially welcomed to the GCAP Family. All these have made me a part of GCAP. I am really happy and proud to be a part of it .I am also glad to be a part of the college's PR Marketing Team which inaugurated their first student bi-monthly newspaper, GCA MIRROR.

I am delighted I chose GCAP to study Architecture where I am a happy student today and have learned a lot over the years and will pass out with innumerable memories lasting a lifetime.

Ar. Sochum Ezong,

"I consider myself very fortunate for being able to pursue a profession I am most passionate about. I met good mentors at Guwahati College of Architecture and Planning who taught me how to embrace architecture.

Before I knew it, I was already involved in live projects though I was still in my final year of college.

One thing led to another and after two and a half years later I have independently designed 3 beautiful residences. I am now blessed with a home based firm of my own under the name 'KIRONA Studio'. I am also an Associate Architect for Planning Consortium Guwahati. At the moment I am designing a Tribal Art n Textile Museum at Dimapur and a couple of residential and also involved with a church building project at SovimaDimapur."

Ar. Avinash Chirania

"After two and a half years of completing architecture today when I sit at my work desk with the sense of belongingness to the institute I cherish those days in the studios, lecture halls, library, Labs and every corner of GCAP which were the part of making me an architect. I would consider myself blessed being guided by nationally renowned experts and learned professionals in those days which has made me capable enough to lead a team today.”

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