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GCAP Annual Voice Magazine

A mouthpiece of the college, GCA Voice annual magazine is an annual magazine of the college. It is through this magazine that students are able to put forth their ideas and views on architecture, and other subjects. The magazine also does a yearly review of all college events. It shows the annual progress of the college, with pictures of the students and the locations they have visited, with a vivid descriptions of their experiences and memories. Following the success of the first magazine that was published in May 2010, an issue is published each year.


With every passing civilization what is left behind is an imprint of it!

‘Imprints’ is a complete documentation of the field trips, or educational trips, as organized by GUWAHATI COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE. Its focus is to enable current and future students to learn from the delightful field trips that have been organised for the students of the college.The Managing Trustee of the college, Ar. Abani Das, and his team support the college in making ‘Imprints’ a success.

Our students in collaboration with the students of Kamla Raheja School of Architecture and Environmental Studies, Mumbai have successfully visited SATRA TATTA (Documenting the Satras), RARHBHUMI (Documenting the Terracotta Heritage), Vaikunthapuri (Documenting the Barpeta Satra) and Shangri-La (Documenting the Gompas). Each of these unique expereinces have been documented to help educating our budding architects.


EXURBIA MILLENIA Souvenir is a documentation of the annual festival organized by GCA where you can get information about the activities and events along with the details of our sponsors. At EXURBIA MILLENIA, we aim to give the best platform to the talented and encourage them to take up challenges that prepare them for the future. Besides the fun filled activities, it also helps enhancing the personality of students in the best possible way.
It is a three day extravaganza of competitions, performances, and workshops. The fest is open to students of all colleges who sign up every year for the various competitions that are conducted during the course of the fest. The students who excel in particular events receive exciting prizes. The festival aims to motivate students and to refresh them from all the hard work of the entire year. It further looks at harnessing various skill sets of the students, encouraging them to have hobbies.

G.C.A Mirror – The Bi-Monthly Tabloid

News must reach all! GCA’s new initiative is a tabloid form of a newspaper which will be published and circulated on a bi-monthly basis. Be ready to grab your copies! Coming Soon...

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